Welcome to the Energy Transport Lab (ETL) in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan.

Our research combines fundamental studies of micro and nano scale transport processes and fluid-structure interactions to creatively design new materials and devices to improve efficiency of engineering systems in order to meet the rising demands of energy and water. Our lab focuses on utilizing engineered surfaces in complex thermo-fluidic systems and interfaces to improve heat and mass transfer processes for applications ranging from thermal management to water harvesting.

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  • FA 23 group outing with Haobo
  • WI 23 end of semester lab outing
  • WI 23 group photo
  • FA 22 APS DFD conference
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  • End of semester lab outing group picture
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  • Ice
  • Condensation
  • Crystal
  • Newton Rings
  • Water droplet red
  • Water droplet
  • Water droplet
  • Crystal
  • Water droplet
  • Water droplet
  • a water drop impacting a superhydrophobic surface results in corona splash